Push-To-Talk Two-Way PoC Radios

for Schools and School Transportation

Reliable, easy-to-use communication is vital for the safety of your students and staff

School-Radio powered by Diga-Talk+

“We transport almost 100,000 students each day, many with special needs. We are in constant contact with our drivers on the road and we need a very reliable radio system that’s easy to use. Diga-Talk+ supplies us with a radio system we can be confident in, especially during times of emergencies.”

John Benish, Jr.
President and Chief Operating Officer

Budgeting for a NEW communication system has never been easier

Security and Safety

Keeping students safe on buses, in classes, on school grounds, and at sporting events is a primary concern for all school districts. With the push of a button and near-instant connection, schools and transportation companies can communicate in a building, on a bus, or across town, with coverage wherever you go!

Easy Budgeting with the Managed Services Program

School-Radio provides economical and reliable Push-To-Talk Radios. The program was created to make the managing of an organization’s communications needs as easy and affordable as possible by offering Push-To-Talk services at a fixed budget point. The program includes the device, service, and maintenance at a single monthly cost. No expensive infrastructure or FCC license is required!


FirstNet®Ready™ devices are also available for qualified accounts.

For more information on how this plan can help you, please contact us.

Security & Safety

Critical communication can take place securely and near-instantly with the push of a button

Easy Budgeting

Consistent monthly bill throughout the year

No Repair Costs

Broken radios replaced anytime during the life of the agreement

No Downtime

Have extra radios on hand in case one needs repair

No Upfront Costs

We supply all radios*

PC Dispatch 

Allows you to keep track of employees and buses

Both Mobile and Portable Radios are Available

SR-400 Portable Radio

SR-500 Mobile Radio

PC Dispatch Software