Elementary school­­Two-way Push-to-Talk (PTT) over cellular (PoC) radios are an invaluable tool in K-12 educational settings. They make communication quick and clear while improving your school’s safety. Using two-way radios allows the staff near-instant connection with custodians to report a maintenance issue, as well as call the office for assistance or call during an emergency with the simple push of a button.

Uses for radios in K-12 Schools

The perfect solution for school’s everyday communications, including:

  • Details about bus pick up, drop off and late arrivals or emergencies
  • Notification the maintenance staff of issues in the building
  • Teachers can call for assistance without leaving the students unattended in a classroom
  • Floating staff like nurses, school psychologists and speech therapists that travels to other schools in the district will not lose connection when staff travels outside of your building

Communicate clearly and quickly in an emergency

The perfect solution for school emergencies, including:

  • Alerting security when assistance is needed for an incident in the school
  • Notification of unwanted visitors at the front desk
  • Life-threatening emergencies
  • Reaching the nurse for a medical situation
  • Communication of severe weather emergencies such as hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes
  • Giving real-time updates to authorities outside the school

What is PoC?

School-Radio uses Push-To-Talk Over Cellular technology, combining the basic Push-To-Talk form factor and features with smartphone connectivity into a single device. Additionally, Two-way PoC radios utilize the 4G secure network to PoC utilizes a 4G secure network to greatly reduce coverage issues experienced by traditional Push-To-Talk devices. Another key point is that you can communicate locally, regionally or nationally using the mobile phone data network, instead of radio waves.
Mobile and portable radios

We offer the SR-400 portable radio and the SR-500 mobile radio. Buy any combination of radios to suit your specific needs. You then pay one low monthly fee for PoC service. PTT users can communicate with smartphone users via an App or the PC Dispatch software, making a seamless integration for schools.

School-Radio Two-way PoC radio features

School-Radio features include:

  • Private calling enables staff to speak to individuals regarding sensitive information within the school or in another building without having the entire school hear the confidential information
  • Group calling allows the caller to talk to groups of people set up by the customization of your radio
  • Connect simply in an emergency with the SOS button
  • Rugged design holds up to everyday use by staff

We strive to ease the stress of the already hectic environment within your school. Contact us today so you can see first hand why School- Radio would get an A+!

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